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"B" US Postage imperforate error

Scott catalog # 1820a

Catalog value $120.00 -sold for $95.


The Postal Service really kept its patrons on their toes in 1981 with two postal increases – one in March and another in November. Printed shortly after the 1978 rate change, the “B” stamps were put in storage until they were needed in 1981. The same stylized eagle used on the “A” stamp was also used for this stamp. The only difference between the two stamps was the background color – instead of orange, a rich purple was chosen. This issue was printed in sheets (perforated 11x10 1/2) and also in booklets (perforated 10). On March 22, 1981, the rate officially changed from 15¢ to 18¢.

1981 "B" Imperf Stamp Error #1820a

SKU: 1820a
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