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Coin & Currency Errors

Mint-made errors are errors in a coin made by the mint during the minting process including: 

  • Planchet preparation errors (Blank planchet, Clipped planchet, Improper planchet thickness, Lamination flaw, Cladding flaw)

  • Hub and die errors (Fundamental die-setting error, Missing design elements, Doubled die, Die cracks, die breaks, and die chips, Die clash, MAD clash, Punching errors, Overdates and over mintmarks, Trails, Mule, Misaligned dies)

  • Strike errors (Broadstrike, Strike through, Uni-face coin, Brockage, Die cap, Edge strike, Multiple strike, Off-center strike, Double denomination, Struck on wrong planchet, Edge and rim errors, Mated pair or set)

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