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4 items in lot - all Autographed by Jim Adamson NASA Astronaut
Cover: Spacepex '77 - JSC Stamp Club Houston TX, September 24, 1977, Signed "Jim Adamson STS 28"
First Day Cover: Space Shuttle Emblem Pictorial Cancel, Huntsville Alabama July 5, 1977, Signed "Jim Adamson STS 28"
Cover: Space Shuttle Colombia, Postmarked Edwards, CA March 8, 1979, Signed "Jim Adamson STS 28"
RARE Letter: Jim Adamson took the time to write a letter to a collector. This is giving his advice on how to get more items signed. "Congratulations on your beginnings as a space buff! Here are some unwritten rules that we follow in the astronaut office that will help you get started and to avoid irritating anyone."  The letter is 3 pages on NASA stationary and autographed on the last page. 


Autographs are not our area of expertise and have not been authenticated. Please review the photos carefully as these are the exact items you will receive. Pencil writing on the back of covers.


James Craig Adamson (born March 3, 1946) is a former NASA astronaut and retired Colonel of the United States Army. He is married with 3 children. James Adamson flew on two missions, STS-28 and STS-43, and completed 263 orbits and 334 hours in space. After retiring from NASA, he was recruited by Allied Signal (later merged with Honeywell) where he retired in 2001. Adamson has logged over 3,000 hours in over 30 different types of helicopters and airplanes.

Jim Adamson NASA Astronaut, 3 Covers & RARE Autographed Letter GIVING ADVICE

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