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These are family documents detailing the genealogy of the Hohly (also spelled Holê) /Reed family.
There are pieces of a very rich family history!  This is a family of Doctors and owners of Pharmacy in Superior Wisconsin.
This lot includes: 

Charles Hohle (Holê) petition for US Citizenship in State of Wisconsin 1860

Hand written note about the life of Charles Hohly 1839-1895, businesses, and marriage to Phoebe Reed

Personal letter from father Charles Hohle to his son Paul

Hand written record of 4 members of the Reed family - born 1846-1879

Hand written list of other presumed family members including Reed, Mitchell, & Vastine all in CO

Letter to "Dr. Reed" regarding the death of "Mrs. Reed" and final address. 

Letter to "Dr. Paul Hohly, Toledo, OH" dated 1930 from F.E. Knopf regarding the death of Aunt Fannie Reed and other family news. 

Paul Hohly MD envelope stationery 

Letter & envelope postmarked 1910- info about Reed family births & deaths


Charles Hohly was born in 1839 in Germany
1853 moved to America with his family 
Lived in Toledo, OH 1854-1857
1860 petitioned for U.S. Citizenship 
Moved to Superior, Wisconsin and father opened a drugstore which he later inherited
Married to Phoebe Reed and had 4 children

Germany to WISCONSIN 1860+ Hohly- Reed Family Genealogy Letters & Citizenship

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