6 Notgeld 1921 notes from Germany - all with different Political sayings from post WW1 Germany
1. Deutchland Deutchland uber alles uber alles in der Welt 
2. "Edle Krafte fchlummern in der Jugend die gewecht machtvoll aus licht fich drangen reiches wissen Deutsch kraft und tugend..."  Noble powers slumber in youth who are powerfully out of light, rich knowledge of German strength and virtue
3. Danemark/Deutschland
4.Danemark/Deutschland - flags 
5. Vor der Abstimmung der 2. Zone Marz 1920
6. Schleswig Holftein stammeverwandt bleibe treu, mein Vaterland
When World War I broke out across Europe, German coinage quickly disappeared. Citizens fearful of losing their wealth began hoarding the coins, resulting in massive shortages. In response, Notgeld or “Emergency Money” paper currency was issued for everyday transactions. Everyone from a bank to a municipality to even private firms issued notes, many displaying beautifully colored and illustrated designs.

6 Notgeld 1921 Germany w/ Political sayings "Deutchaland uber alles" "Vaterland"

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