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J.D. (James David) Givens Photographer from San Francisco recorded the Spanish-American War of 1898. This is from a boxed set of prints titled : Scenes in the Philippines, Cuba, Porto Rico, The Hawaiian Islands and Soldiers. (Some of the prints in the series are numbered)

5 prints in Lot:


  • 28 Marksmen, Mindanao, PI

  • 10 An everyday occurrence, PI

  • Types of Filipino Women

  • 222 Natives at Chow

  • 165 The Morning Toilet. A Characteristic Filipino Scene



Box cover shown for more info - box not included in listing. These were also bound into books, but the ones we have are loose. All the backs are blank and they are printed on smooth (slightly glossy) paper, not traditional (modern) photo paper. Yellowing due to age. The paper measures 5 1/4" high x 7" wide the printed area is 4" high x 6" wide. 


5 Prints Native family dining, bathing 1899 Philippines, Spanish American War

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