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1. 1983 World Championship Cover signed by 8 members of Russian Classic Wrestling Team. Soviet Union (CCCP) Postmark, 8 Signatures on the front of the cover
VERY FEW of these covers were made! 
2. Notarized slip signed by coach A. A. Petrunyev showing names and weights of team on back
The 1983 World Wrestling Championships were held in Kiev, Soviet Union. Greco-Roman style wrestling competition was contested 22–25 September, while freestyle wrestlers competed 26–29 September
SILVER 48kg Aleksandr Dorshu
BRONZE 52kg Anatoly Beloglazov
GOLD 57kg Sergey Beloglazov
GOLD 62kg Viktor Alekseyev
GOLD 68kg Arsen Fadzayev
SILVER 74kg Taram Magomadov
GOLD 82kg Taymuraz Dzgoev
GOLD 90kg Petr Naniev
GOLD 100kg Aslan Khadartsev
GOLD 100+kg Salman Khasimikov

1983 World Championship Cover signed by 8 members Soviet Republic Wrestling Team

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