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Real photo postcard postmarked June 30, 1910 Albany, NY. A large group on men, some in uniform, somber faces, top hats on a stage.The event shown in the postcard is unknown but it is postmarked one month after the "Albany Flyer"On May 29, 1910, Glenn Curtiss completed a 150-mile public flight along the Hudson from Albany, NY, to Manhattan. Curtiss's feat - the first true cross-country flight in the United States - was a technological tour de force. Not only was it by far the longest flight yet attempted in the country, but it also meant traveling over unpredictable terrain with virtually unknown wind and weather hazards - quite a different matter from the fair-weather demonstration laps around airfields that characterized most of his previous flights. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up to watch Curtiss's flight down the Hudson, and the New York Times devoted no less than six full pages of text and photos to the occasion - the most space the newspaper had ever allotted to a single news event.This historic flight, more than any other, launched the United States into the age of modern flight, clearing the path for the development of airmail and modern air travel, as well as the terrible prospect of air power in war.



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1910 ALBANY NY RPPC Postcard Dignitaries Top Hats Uniformed men

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