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1838 hand written Letter by Levi Woodbury then Secretary of Treasury on lined paper. Some water damage a the bottom of the page- see photos for details

Treasury Department 
Nov 13th 1838
In the edition of Arnott's Physics edited by you and published in 1835, I have observed a notice that the Franklin Institute was bout to publish an account or list of ? of steam boilers. If the intended publication as made, I will be much obliged to you for a copy. 
I am very respectfully
Yr Obd't Serv't
Levi Woodbury
Secretary of the Treasury
TO: Dr. Hayes
Levi Woodbury:
 (December 22, 1789 – September 4, 1851) was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, a U.S. Senator, the 9th Governor of New Hampshire, and cabinet member in three administrations.
After serving in the New Hampshire Senate, he was appointed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court in 1817. He served as Governor of New Hampshire from 1823 to 1824 and represented New Hampshire in the Senate from 1825 to 1831, becoming affiliated with the Democratic Party of Andrew Jackson. He served as the United States Secretary of the Navy under President Jackson and as the United States Secretary of the Treasury under Jackson and President Martin Van Buren.
He served another term representing New Hampshire in the Senate from 1841 to 1845, when he accepted President James K. Polk's appointment to the Supreme Court. Woodbury was the first Justice to have attended law school.
Arnott's Physics:
Dr Neil Arnott (1788-1874) was a physician and natural philosopher. In 1811, he began a course of lectures on Natural Science applied to Medicine at the Philomathic Institution, which, in 1827, were published under the title of ‘Elements of Physics'. There were several editions over the years and Arnott spent much time upon a sixth edition, half of which appeared in 1864, and a second half, with new chapters, in 1865.

1838 hand written Letter by Levi WOODBURY Secretary of TREASURY, Supreme Court

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