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Why Do I Need to Schedule an Appointment?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

As many of you know, our store is going through some changes. The store was open for walk-in customers since the 80's but now many people on staff are getting ready to retire. Before making retirement permanent, we will move to a different business model for a few years and sell items online. For our local AZ customers we will take appointments so you can still buy & sell in person.

We are remodeling the store to make our new eCommerce life easier. Before the store was set up for people to walk in and look at material or show us material they want to sell. There was space for many customers to walk around. Now, we are setting up shelves so we can find items much faster as they sell on our website, eBay, and Amazon.

We will have a desk set up for our appointments. Customers can bring in their material and sit down with BJ, Bob, or other staff with a dedicated time. We are scheduling appointments for estate appraisals, reviewing material for sale so we can make you an offer, and for customers buying items. This will be a much better experience for our customers because you will have our undivided attention without walk-in traffic!

Going forward, we won't buy as many items as we did in the past. We are always buying bullion and better collectible coins. With the exception of very large estate collections of unused rare stamps we are no longer buying stamps.

We require you to contact us with the reason for the store appointment before we set it up. This saves customers the time of coming to the store only to find that we are not interested in buying their items. If customers want to buy something specific we can make sure we have it on hand before they arrive.

In order to request an appointment, you can fill out the form on this website, email, or call. Be sure to give us your name and phone number and the reason for your appointment. (Buying, selling, and what type of items). We will respond with some openings in the schedule to see what works for you.

We want to thank our customers for supporting us through the years! Please reach out and let us know if you have any questions. Let us know how you like our website (so far)!

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