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New to Bullion Investing?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

George C. Parker (March 16, 1860– 1936) was an American con man best known for his successful attempts to "sell" the Brooklyn Bridge. Today cons can reach people all over the world with videos and websites.

There are many "get rich quick" YouTube videos and articles that will give you information about bullion. If you are new to investing or you just inherited gold, silver, platinum, or palladium it can be difficult to know what information is correct or a bad idea to follow.

Just like looking for medical advice online; look at the source! Here are some reputable resources:

Commodity Fututres Trading Commission:

US Securities and Exchange Commission:

American Numismatic Association:

Once you are ready to invest, give us a call! Unlike George C. Parker, we are more than happy to tell you how we arrive at our prices! We have been in the same brick and mortar store with the same owner since 1983. We mail bullion via USPS with insurance and tracking. Contact us directly to inquire about completing your purchase.

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