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Historic Postcards: Russian Revolution and Vladivostok Train station

We found a postcard collection from one single collector interested in military history and Russia. This collection of 8 postcards satisfies both interests.

In the collection of 8 we found two postcards that show the Vladivostok Train Station in Vladivostok Russia.

The Vladivostok train station was founded simultaneously with the railway in 1891.However, in 1912, with Yaroslavsky terminal's construction in Moscow - the trains started their way to the Far East there - the Vladivostok train station was rebuilt in its image and likeness. In this way, architecturally finished train stations appeared on both sides of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Local residents used to joke that upon their arrival in Vladivostok a Muscovite who has taken a train from the Yaroslavsky terminal will see the Yaroslavsky terminal again.

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