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December Sale!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019


  • All Stamp Collections and box lots 20% off!

  • Select specials 30-50% off!

  • ALL Stamp mounts 30%,

  • New & used stamp albums, supplements, binders & stock books also 30% off! (In stock only)

  • Stamp-philatelic literature reference books 30% off!

  • We have postage stamps for mailings at 25% off face value.


  • Dansco slip cases for Dansco albums 50% off!

  • Wood display boxes for coins are 50% off!


Since we are selling e-commerce only, we are selling our store display cases so we can reconfigure the store for online sales & shipping. We have three 70" lighted, glass and aluminum show cases available for only $175.00 each!

Please stop in for your last minute shopping! We have some really nice jewelry available, including diamond stud earrings. Christmas .999 silver rounds too! Remember, Jan. 1 we will ONLY be open by appointment. We hope you will continue to shop with us on Ebay, Amazon or our website.

B.J., Bob, Teri, Stan, Ashton, Tanja and Frank

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